What's in Glenn's brain?

Carlson Tax Service What You Say One Act Audio Theatre Voiceover Man Self Preservation

one act audio theatre

Something New In Old Time Radio. Creators of award-winning audio theatre since 1999.

voiceover man

Tickling your earhole for over a tenth of a century

what you say

Producers of USDA Prime commercial and non-commercial entertainment for broadcast and the web, including the World Famous Movie Trailer Maker.

carlson tax service

“Give Caesar what is due Caesar”
individual and business tax filing

self preservation
Anniversary: October 31
Wife's Birthday: June 3
note to self: celebrate on actual date • have gift on actual date • don't ask wife to buy her own cake

the greatest love of all

The magnificent obsession that gives my life meaning, purpose, and direction. You are my light, my love, my everything.

Her woof says “no”, but her eyes say “YES!” (Actually, her eyes say “no” as well, but she's faking it.)